About Konark Market


About KonarkMarket

On the most basic level, we are voracious readers who are passionate about making stories and knowledge accessible to everyone, anywhere and anytime. KonarkMarket is the go-to destination for all literary needs, with a library of the widest selection of digital books available for download through a comprehensive online store.

Millions of readers around the world have discovered the portability and instant access of eBooks and have welcomed the medium as a way to receive entertainment, information and knowledge. And we are bringing this to and from the South Asian markets.

In addition, KonarkMarket also aims to be a destination and a gateway through which millions of videobooks, audiobooks, and journals can be accessed from across the world.

Join the revolution.

Why KonarkMarket?

Sales numbers for eReaders and eBooks in the last few years (and the projected data) show that the consumer is heading towards a digital reading experience in growing numbers.

KonarkMarket is ready to take you there.

We, at Konark, have a rich history of firsts. For over 30 years, we have been leading the charge in bridging the gap between South Asian publishers and the international world. We pride ourselves on being sensitive and adaptable to the ever changing and evolving demands of our readers. As a result of this constant cognizance, Konark foresaw the increasing demand of South Asian publications globally, and for over a year has been distributing digital content internationally for South Asian publishers. We now seek to make this market more accessible by bringing the world of eBooks to and from South Asian countries. We, at KonarkMarket, aim to create supply to a growing demand, and access to an evolving clientele. Know more about our parent company Konark Publishers at: