A Saint in the Board Room

A Saint in the Board Room

Dr. R. Durgadass and Dr. Yerram Raju

Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd.


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A Fable that Reveals the Secrets of Winning without Sinning The greatest wars are fought in the inner chambers of your soul. Here is a man who fights one such battle??? Arjun, the protagonist, is a man whose name became synonymous with success and was once lauded as the 'Best CEO of all Banks'. However, the path he adopted was in complete contrast to his father's values. Financial disaster and his father's demise come as a double blow to the Harvard educated CEO. Arjun then goes on a personal journey of enlightenment from his boardroom in London to Lalgudi, a small town in southern India. He travels to his hometown, to mark the ten day long rituals in memory of his dead father, a well respected retired teacher. The story revolves around the interaction between the father's soul and his son, the failed CEO. This fiction provides answers to many daunting questions in the minds of today's generation. It unravels the secrets of 'winning without sinning'! How does Arjun come out successfully from the jaws of defeat? Learn the hidden mantras to success along with the hero Arjun......