Making of a Diplomat: Hone Your Skills

Making of a Diplomat: Hone Your Skills

Prem K Budhwar

Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd.


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Diplomats are often considered a clan that begins its mornings with English breakfast and ends its day with lavish cocktail dinners. The book dispels this myth and reveals that a diplomat?s journey is a tightrope walk in the realms of international and intra-national issues and is a one-stop guide for anyone keen on peeping into the much talked about "envious" life of a diplomat. The author has used his vast experience to lace the text with very practical yet not-so-obvious list of dos and don'ts. Covering a wide range of topics, intriguing and interesting, it is a must read both for aspiring diplomats as well as globe-trotters who would find many useful tips on life and living abroad. Veteran diplomats should not skip a read either since it would help them revive and relive cherished moments during their professional lives.