The 9-to-5 Yogi - how to feel like a sage while working like a dog

The 9-to-5 Yogi - how to feel like a sage while working like a dog

Shubhra Krishan

Publisher: Hay House Inc


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Frustrated, frazzled and fatigued, Uma, the fifictitious-but-very-real heroine of this story (a top-level executive in the corporate world), undergoes a nervous breakdown because she has been deprived of a promotion that should have rightfully been hers. Her energy levels have hit rock-bottom. Fortunately, a ‘saviour’ comes to her rescue in the nick of time. In the space of a few months, she is transformed from a virtual zombie to a 9-to-5 yogi! How? Nope, she does not move to the Himalayas. Or join Swami-something- Ananda. All she does is make some simple changes to her routine that work wonders for her even as she maintains her work schedules. Offering substantive information with a light touch, Shubhra Krishan shows how anyone can swim away from the whirlpool of chaos towards the shore of good health, mental stability and a tranquil life pattern. The beauty of her thoughtfully chosen insights is that they use simplicity to create simplicity. That’s what someone as time-strapped and life-zapped as Uma needs. And Uma could be – you! You will come to know amazing facts such as: How ordinary items of daily use such as milk and milk products, vegetables, fruits and spices possess extraordinary healing powers; how the books you read, the TV programmes you watch and the colours of your walls and those of your bedlinen can affect your sleep patterns; and much more. Here’s wishing you a happy journey towards achieving inner calm, a balanced mind and, above all, a fun-fifilled life in the future!