Listen Girl

Listen Girl

Krishan Sobti

Publisher: Katha Books


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Writer par excellence,Krsna Sobtis contribution to India literature crosses the boundaries of culture.Her innovative use of language and technique and the refreshing delineation of strong women characters opened new vistas in Hindi literature and ensured her works a distinct space and place in Indian literature starting from the early 1950s her writings revolve around partition,upheavel and turmoil in indian society,man-woman relationship feudalism and dissolution of human values. Her girl is prose in poetry The quiet experience of life in the realm of death.A tale of an old woman waiting for death and musing over the whole expanse of her life.She has no fear of the imminent death and is instead eager and ready to start all over again This is an epic using the unusual dialogue form describing the life instinct,the undaunted will to live.