Stopped In Our Tracks - Stories of U.G. in India

Stopped In Our Tracks - Stories of U.G. in India

K. Chandrasekhar

Publisher: SPB Enterprises


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Several years ago, on a fateful night in a colonial house in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, UG Krishnamurthi made a bonfire of Chandrasekhar's dreams. He flung audiotapes, video recordings, crammed files containing intimate letters of correspondence written to him by his friends over the years, and hundreds of rare black and white and color photographs of himself into the fire. In that overpowering silence or Yercaud, Chandrasekhar found his voice. Every segment of this memoir is born out of Chandrasekhar's urge and need to testify and talk about the intense experiences, which he has shared over the years in his middle class home in Bangalore with this strange man called UG.