Mother and Sister

Mother and Sister

Cyriac Thomas

Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd.


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This book is on the life and works of these two spiritual personalities of contemporary times. Embracing a life of exemplarily ascetic discipline and deep commitment, their approach to spirituality happens to be distinctively different. The book is an academic endeavour to explore the possibilities of diversified spiritual experiments attempted by these two modern-day saints.  The first part is an analysis of their lives and work, drawing parallels and bringing out the dissimilarities. He touches upon the important facets of their lives and unravels how their experiences in life shaped them and how in turn, they were instrumental in changing the lives of many others. The second part is a collection of letters, articles and speeches by eminent personalities from all walks of life on the two saints. These pieces bring out how the two signify and stand for different things for different people.