Perfect Health

Perfect Health

Amar Chandel

Publisher: Konark Publishers Pvt. Ltd.


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Emotion al problems, diseases and pain have become a part of moder life. A majority of people suffer from headaches, sinus, blood pressure, neck pain, backache, diabetes, stress, jointache and what not that too from a very young age. They spend a fortune on getting treatment, but the relief is only temporary. Medicines are not at fault. The real difficulty is that all these are lifestyle problems, which just cannong be eliminated till we change our day-to-day life. The book teaches you what the root causes of the ailments are and how to remove them. Nobody commits major mistakes willingly. It is just that everyone makes some tiny little errors due to ignorance repeatedly, which affects one badly in the long run. We normally wake up only when it is too late and even then do not or cannot pinpoint and also if we become fully aware that the consequences of a seemingly small mistakes can be so serious. This is the aim of the book : to enlighten the readers about hwere they are going wrong unintentionally.