Neo-Naxal Challenge : Issues & Options

Neo-Naxal Challenge : Issues & Options

Giridhari Nayak

Publisher: Pentagon Press


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Left-wing extremists in India have a blue print which follows the M-L-M theory and accordingly they continue their offensive, political, military and information operations, accordingly. The security forces take time to understand the game plan and develop counter-strategies. As a result, countermeasures are constrained by a late start and limits of understanding. Further, many of the counter-measures also involve adequate up gradation of men and material, which in turn may be adversely affected by budgetary constraints. I recall an incident, in 2004, when some senior colleagues directed the planting of thorny trees around police stations to prevent attacks on them. Combat, Left-wing extremism and allied subjects are vast and dynamic; and nobody can claim absolute mastery over them. However, each person dealing with the problem needs deep insight.